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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 24, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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loving home in melbourne and no reason to suspect she won't have a wonderful life in front of her. none of this was true months ago. the person responsible for her horrific existence, a cop. he was arrested today. >> the big story on "action news" tonight, a philadelphia police officer charged with of animal cruelty and suspended with intent to dismiss. dann cuellar is live at the spca at hunting park. you have the full story. >> that's right, jim. for those following this case, it's unimaginable that a police officer is being charged. 33-year-old michael long was assigned to the 18th district and is an 11 year veteran. investigators say he abandoned his dog and left her for dead in a trash bag. >> for someone like that
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perpetrating the crime gets me. >> it was november 23rd, a good samaritan and her dog stumbled on to the pit bull in a trash bag off the beaten path in the dog. she was walking her springer named sampson when he began tugging at her. >> when i turned around my dog was looking at a trash bag. >> sticking out t out of the baa dog's nose. >> i was horrified, more horrified when i saw the condition she was in. >> she was emaciated and barely alive. adams called 911. >> it took months to bring her back to good health. this is what she looks like now. investigators say the dog they since named cranberry was microchip leading them to
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michael long who adopted the dog earlier. >> we found evidence 23 in his e to link her back to cranberry. >> it's horrible that it was a police officer that did this. >> this is cranberry now running around her home where she was adopted by a happy faim. >> sh she now spends her days aa couch potato in her suburban home. >> as for the woman that found c happy i was able to save her. and your dog. >> he got lots of treats. >> officer long has been suspended with intent to dismiss by police commissioner richard ross. he faces two counts of animal cruelty. dann cuellar, "action news."
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>> thank you, dan. the republican effort to repeal and replace obama care is in critical condition at this hour. the vote on the plan supposed to take place tonight, didn't. republicans didn't have enough votes to pass the latest version of the healthcare bill. president trump made more concessions today in the meeting with the freedom caucus, the group of super conservatives that say the plan doesn't go far enough in reducing premiums. the president offered this up at the meeting. he will do away with the ten essential benefits obama care required insurance to cover. they said they need more. as he was trying to please conservatives, he was moving fur thinker from moderates. bottom line, if they voted tonight, it wouldn't pass. trump said this, the vote comes
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tomorrow. if it fails, we'll stay with back up mobama care. >> charlie dense his mind is made up, a no vote after meeting with the president. >> they asked how ift i was vot. i wasn't supporting it. the bill is being rushed due to artificial deadlines to improve the baseline for tax reform. i think it's more important to get it right. >> congressman dent says republicans are making the same mistake democrats made seven years ago trying to force the bill through without bi-partisan collaboration. >> three others are on record, pennsylvania brian fitzpatrick, trang and chris smith of new jersey. the majority of americans
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disapprove of the healthcare bill. there is 17% support, 56% opposed and 26% undecided. >> a small group of those opposed to repealing obama care demonstrated outside the hospital. they are concerned with patients losing healthcare coverage and ripple effect with nurses and doctors layoffs and hospitals possiblily shutting down. >> we have breaking news from maple shade new jersey where police are on the scene of two suspicious deaths. christie ileto is live at the scene of the fox medica meadow apartments. what can you tell us? >> the burlington county sheriff's department confirmed this is a homicide investigati
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investigation. it is still an active crime scene. this is a live picture of chop per 6 where a portion of the complex is taped off. they are focused on an apartment unit on the left. two people were discovered unresponsive and no one has been taken by ambulance to hospital. a heavy presence is at the scene. officials are tight lipped. we did confirm with the burlington county prosecutor's office, we did confirm this is a death investigation. >> ten teenagers were arrested connected with this brawl at the septa station in center city. behavior like this is before common so they are beefing up security when schools get out.
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ars like this can be magnets for trouble. >> fights start off school and it flows to the subway station. >> painings are welcoming the patrols but wish they weren't needed. >> a 19-year-old man that holds dual israeli american citizenship has been arrested for bomb threats against jewish centers. he made threats to scores of institutions across the u.s. including winwood, pennsylvania. the suspect's attorney says the teen has medical problems that affect his cognitive functions. >> two women are pulling off scams in south jersey making off with money by confusing clerks at the register.
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they have hit three times most recently at the burlington coat factory earlier this month. the scam involves buying and returning men's suits over and over. detectives hope you can identify the women. >> eastham township police are asking for your help identifying a crook that held up a female attendant yesterday at the valero at crop 70, bright daylight, 1:15 in the afternoon. the victim handed over her cellphone and cash but wasn't seriously hurt. a bus burned through its roof. the front of the vehicle incinerated this afternoon. chopper 6 is over ahead at 4:00 as rubber necking backed up traffic in the southbound lanes. the bus driver was the only person onboard and was not hurt.
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the candidates that want the job of philadelphia's next district attorney debated at spring side academy tonight. eight candidates have declared their intentions to run, seven democrats, one republican. it was a chance to introduce themselves to the community. current district attorney seth williams faces charges of bribery and extortion. >> the sweetened beverage tax is bringing in more than expected. preliminary numbers show $6.4 million was collected february and $5.9 million in january, the first month of the tax. officials remain confident they'll hit $91 million projected for the year with the money funding pre-k, funding rec centers, libraries and parks. still to come -- no this first, the ben franklin parkway turns
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100 this year and the city is planning a celebration. plans were unveiled at the logan hotel in center city. there will be 14 months of exhibitions, epts, conversations and promotions. channel6 is proud to be a media sponsor of the celebration beginning accept 8th. now, still to come on "action news" tonight, new jersey sets a record for the decade. >> plus, not just a case of murder, but what new york police call practice for a wider hate inspired attack. >> plus music students hit an international first. now they need help to make their dreams come true. cecily? >> temperatures in the 40s, but warmer air on the way for the weekend. don't get used to it the i explain in the seven-day forecast. >> plus the flyers taking on the
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wild. that and more when new continues tonight. ?oit ♪ ♪
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>> several those people gathered in tra fall ger square to honor the victims of yesterday's deadly attack in the london. they wanted to send a message that the british people are unified. three people were killed when a vehicle was driven into victims on the bridge. one of those killed an american tourist celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary. his wife is still in the hospital. >> the arm man that killed an ay
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veteran in new york is in prison today. he traveled to new york with the intention of killing black men and considered the murder practice. >> his attorney is hinting at an insanity defense. >> kevin nunez apologized to his own committee. he would not deny he got the information from the white house. >> the democratic leader chuck schumer voted he will vote against the supreme court nomination of neil gor yo gorsu.
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he said he would lead a filibuster of the nomination calling gorsuch a judge that instinctively favors the powerful o over the week. >> unemployment in the garden state hit a ten year low, 4.6 to 4.4%, better than the national rate of 4.7%. new jersey added 12,600 jobs last month. delaware job seekers may be the victims of identify thieves. hackers may have stolen names, birthdays and social security numbers from job link dateing back to 2007. it happened last week covering delaware and nine other states. the company is now providing
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credit monitoring and victim assistance. >> privacy protections created under president obama, would have required comcast and verizon to get permission before selling information on what sites you visit, apps you use and your location. google and facebook can already do this so it's unfair to demanders get permission. >> today the heart association called on doctors to change focus when caring for the elderly. as you get older, there are better ways of health than traditional tests. the more agile a person is, the more they avoid falls.
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dr. visits can take longer because the conversation involves more than a quick check up. >> roland universit >> rowan university has opened a new food pantry. the student government association and the university foundation will stock the shelves. the camden creative high school jazz band has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 big band competition. they are the first jazz band in history to make the cut. here's the reason why. ♪ the competition is in the neverlands in june. it will cost $35,000 to get all of the musicians there.
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the students are hoping for help from the community. >> through my music playing and dedication the band is giving me and i have given it, i have the opportunity. we'll never have another chance. it's >> amazing it would be. the band has set up a go fund me page so they can get the claim they deserve. we have a link on our website. he's pretty good. >> fantastic. how old are they? >> they are young. >> my son's playing the saxophone. i'm going to say this because he doesn't stay up this late. he doesn't do anything like that. i'm going to show him that story to get him to practice. >> the forecast? >> not per suspect, but
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improving. we are dry out there. today, barely a cloud in the sky. he had high, thin sirius clouds making for a nice sunset. elisabeth posting this picture of the sun setting at 7:16. lots of sunshine today. today, probably our last completely sunny day for a while. right now, 37 in philadelphia, allentown 29. wilmington 36, poconos 21. trenton 32. clouds are moving in overnight. satellite and radar showing it will take a while for the clouds to get here. we have high pressure over us. there is a warm front bringing clouds first half of the day tomorrow and opening the door for warm air saturday. the bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, winds on the light side. this morning temperatures in the 20s. 6:00, 31, 8:00, 32-degrees.
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there is a advisory for the poconos 8:00 to 1:00 tomorrow morning for rain. future tracker showing this around 11:00. the warm front not a lot of moisture, mainly clouds. early in the afternoon, clouds thinning west of if philadelph. should see the return of sunshine late in the afternoon. 55-degrees, 56 the normal this time of year. saturday, wind shift out of the south, 74-degrees. if you are thinking about going to the shore, it's not a good beach day. temperatures in the 50s. ocean temperature 41, a big influence. we have one day in the 70s before the front sneaks through, saturday night into sunday bringing showers bringing temperatures back to the low
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50s. the seven-day forecast trance transition day tomorrow, the possibility of morning shower, otherwise clouds. late afternoon sunshine, 55-degrees. saturday, 74, a few showers late in the day and sunday, cloudy with drizzle, cool breeze, 53-degrees. we keep unsettled weather monday and tuesday. chance of showers wednesday and thursday, finally our next mostly sunny skies. pretty nice. on the cool side with a high of 58-degrees. if you like things warm, you will like saturday. lots of clouds, but 74, not too bad. >> thank you, cecily. they closed the book on the one philadelphia program. the group gathered to story tell and promote literacy. the book "the curse incident."
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>> this was opening night for the booed bury high school production of the wizard of ice. sports producer matt's daughter starred as glenda the good witch and auntie 'em. the production begins tomorrow and saturday. there is a lot of talent going through this organization. >> she looks great out there. >> she looks terrific. flyers look good. >> they do tonight. they have been one of the worst road teams in all of hockey, not tonight in minnesota. do you believe in miracles?
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they are eight points out with two and a halfo. one player has a face on, two minutes into the game, zach beats steve mason, flyers down 1-0 just like that. back they come later in the first. sean in there. ties it at one. 21 seconds into the second, matt reed gives the flyers the lead for good. flyers win 3-1, six points out of the final playoff spot with nine to go. >> lots of tears and lots of laughs in clear water as phillies remember dallas green who would tell it like it is chewing out people like pete rose. before the game today a moment of silence to honor dallas green who died yesterday at 82.
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he spent 46 years with the phillies. he remembers 1980 stories like they were yesterday. >> he taught me a lot about being mentally tough, giving everything you have, every pitch, nine innings, never quit. he was a guy that told our team, look in the mirror. you are not good as you think you are. anyone can win divisions. win the world series. >> now we know where he gets the fire from. he passes down what he learned from green to the other players. >> herrera back against the twin, the leg cramp feeling better.rera two run homer in the first, 2-0 lead. nola retires the first seven
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>> the ncaa tournament continues tonight without villanova. the only number one seed not in the sweet 16. gone za ga beats kansas. state title game in hershey, against western park.
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heading to another title, naou mor khanthaen wins by 31st, their seventh state title game, a perfect 7-7. john cheney's days of coaching basketball are over. he's back on campus motivating players. >> that stands for tuff. >> hall of famer john cheney giving the team a pep talk. john cheney now 85. soundslike he could coach tomorrow. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." music from philadelphia native mondo. >> who knows?
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"action news" continues at 4:30. for "action news" at 10:30, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪


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